The Distributome Project is an open-source, open content-development project for exploring, discovering, navigating, learning and computational utilization of diverse probability distributions, which are functions that assign probabilities to events and give rise to mass or density functions, distribution functions, quantile functions, probability and moment generating functions. The current Distributome XML meta-data on distribution properties and inter-distribution relations is available here, the current XSD schema is available here, and the Distributome Wiki page is here. The complete Distributome project Java source code is available online under LGPL license. The applet binary JAR files and the HTML wrappers are also available.

The interactive Distributome graphical user Navigator (requires Java) and the Distributome-Editor provide the following core functions:
The Distributome project was initiated in 2008 by the UCLA Statistics Online Computational Resource, the UAH Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics, and the OSU Mathematical Biosciences Institute. Comments, inquiries, collaboration-requests and other information may be obtained by email to . Since 2010, the Distributome project is funded in part by the National Science Foundation (NSF) grants 1023115, 1022560, and 1022636. The Principal Investigators of the Distributome project are Ivo Dinov (SOCR/UCLA), Dennis Pearl (MBI/OSU), and Kyle Siegrist (VLPS/UAH). Distributome development page.
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