Package edu.ucla.stat.SOCR.touchgraph.graphlayout.graphelements

Interface Summary
ImmutableGraphEltSet ImmutableGraphEltSet provides access to the elements of GraphElementSet that does not allow for addition or deletion of nodes or edges.

Class Summary
GESUtils GESUtils is a set of functions that return information about a GraphEltSet
GraphEltSet GraphEltSet contains data about the graph's components.
Locality Locality: A way of representing a subset of a larger set of nodes.
TGForEachEdge TGForEachEdge: A dummy object for iterating through edges
TGForEachNode TGForEachNode: A dummy object for iterating through nodes
TGForEachNodePair TGForEachNodePair: A dummy object for iterating through pairs of nodes
TGNodeQueue TGNodeQueue: a very simple queue implementation for doing a breadth first search.
VisibleLocality VisibleLocality: Extends Locality to spefically handle the Nodes + Edges that are visible on screen.