SOCR Sound and Audio Illusions Survey

The purpose of this voluntary survey is to collect anonymous feedback from users regarding their experience listening to the specific audio sounds and auditory illusions. Before you begin, please make sure you have speakers or headphones with stereo capabilities to listen to the sound samples. This survey has 2 short parts and is UCLA IRB approved (IRB#11-002726). The first part collects some anonymous demographic data and the second part includes specific sound illusions and auditory stimuli. Thank you for your feedback and time!

Demographic Data

The first part of the survey collects anonymously some demographic data.

Vocal Training

Instrumental Training

Audio Survey

Please listen carefully to the following sound bytes and auditory illusions. Respond to the 8 questions that follow.

Eyes Closed!

Eyes Opened!

  • Clip 1:

  • Clip 2:

  • Clip 3: